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Rolling Mill Equipment

    1. Hot Rolling MillHot rolling mill is used for metal rolling. It includes main equipment, auxiliary equipment, hoisting and transport equipment and ...
    1. Steel Rolling MillOur steel rolling mill can be used to produce a variety of structural sections, such as deformed steel bar, angle steel, square steel, flat ...

Rolling Mill Equipment

Rolling mill equipment is used for producing steel plate, strip steel, wire rod and various structural steels. It can also be applied to roll steel to improve the internal quality and mechanical property of the steel.
The rolling mill machinery comprises of all the equipment for rolling process, such as main equipment, auxiliary equipment, hoisting and transport equipment and accessory equipment.
In general, the rolling mill only refers to main equipment.

As a professional rolling mill equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide several kinds of rolling mill equipment, such as hot rolling mill and steel rolling production line. These rolling mill equipment have the advantages of high speed, large roll force, stable transmission, and high precision, etc. They are extensively used in metallurgy industry.

In addition, we can also provide cement production lines, fertilizer equipment, mineral processing equipment, crushing machines, and more. Our rolling mill equipment and other mining equipment are well received by our customers both at home and abroad. If you need our rolling mill equipment or other mining equipment, please contact us!

Mining and Crushing Machine
    1. Cement Production LineCement production line is used for crushing, grinding and calcining raw materials during cement production. With the popularization of modern cement production equipment (rotary kiln, etc.) and emergence of decomposition techniques outside a kiln, cement production techniques have made
    1. Fertilizer Equipment

      Hongji is one of the primary fertilizer equipment manufacturers based in China. All our fertilizer production machines are designed based on latest production technologies.
      Currently, we can produce variety of different fertilizer equipment, including disc granulators, rotary drum granulators, dryers, ...