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Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher is a type of crushing machine, which is made up of frame, rotors, grate bar, impact plate, and adjustment device.
Our hammer crusher can be used to crush various semi hard and fragile materials, such as limestone, coal, salt, gypsum, alum, bricks, tiles, and coal gangue, and so on. The compression strength of the materials should be not more than 150 MPa.
It can crush materials of different sizes into small particles of relatively equal sizes.
The crushing machine has the characteristics of reliable performance, stable operation, low energy consumption, and high efficiency, etc.
It is mainly used in the cement industry, coal separation process, electricity generation, construction industry, and other fields.

Features of Hammer Crusher:
Hammer crusher has compact structure and reasonable layout.
It is convenient to install, and easy to operate and maintain.
It can crush large, medium and small sized stones, and has high reduction ratio.
The crushing machine is quite suitable for use in cement plants.

Hammer crushers can be divided into common hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher. Ring hammer crusher is widely used to crush coal and coke. Common hammer crusher always uses prefix PC, while ring hammer crusher uses prefix PCH.

Technical Parameters of Common Hammer Crusher:

Model Feeding size (mm) Discharging size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor power (KW) Weight (Kg)
PC400×300 ≤100 ≤10 5-10 11 800
PC600×400 ≤120 ≤15 10-25 18.5 1500
PC800×600 ≤120 ≤15 20-35 55 3100
PC1000×800 ≤200 ≤13 20-40 115 7900
PC1000×1000 ≤200 ≤15 30-80 132 8650
PC1300×1200 ≤250 ≤19 80-200 240 13600

Technical Parameters of Ring Hammer Crusher:

Model Feeding size (mm) Discharging size (mm) Production (t/h) Rotating speed of rotor (r/min) Electric motor Weight (t)
Model Power
PCH0402 ≤200 ≤30 8-12 960 Y132M2-6 5.5 0.8
PCH0404 ≤200 ≤30 16-25 970 Y160L-6 11 1.05
PCH0604 ≤200 ≤30 22-33 970 Y180L-6 15 1.43
PCH0606 ≤200 ≤30 30-60 980 Y225M-6 30 1.77
PCH0808 ≤200 ≤30 70-105 740 Y280M-8 45 3.6
PCH1010 ≤200 ≤30 160-200 740 Y315M2-8 90 6.1
PCH1016 ≤300 ≤30 300-350 740 JS-128-8 155 9.2
PCH1216 ≤350 ≤30 620-800 740 Y450-8 355 15.0
PCH1616 ≤400 ≤30 700-900 740 YKK5001-8 400 19.3
As a professional hammer crusher manufacturer in China, we utilize internationally advanced equipment and technology to produce hammer crushers, cement production lines, rolling mill equipment and other large and medium-sized mining machinery.
If you want to learn more information, please contact us. We welcome customers all over the globe to visit us!

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