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Double Roller Crusher

Double Roller Crusher

Double Roller Crusher

Double roller crusher is a kind of crushing machine consisting of roller, supporting bearing, compression and adjusting device, and actuating device, etc. It is suitable for coarse grinding and intermediate crushing in cement plant, chemical industry, electric power station, mining, metallurgical industry, production of building materials and fireproofing materials and other industries.
The double roller crusher can crush materials whose compression strength is not more than 160MPa.
The discharging size is adjustable, and large-size materials can be crushed into different sizes.

In coal industry, double roller crusher can directly crush the raw coal through deironization and decontamination, and there is no need to remove coal gangue. Crushed materials are of small and even size. Thus, the process of coal dressing is simplified and the production cost is reduced.

Working Principle:
The discharging size is adjustable. Between the two rollers, there are wedge-shape or gasket adjusting device. There are adjusting bolts in the top of the wedge device. When the adjusting bolts lift the wedge upwards, the wedge pushes movable roller away from the fixed roller, so the gap between two rollers becomes big and the discharging size is big. When the wedge moves downwards, gap between two rollers becomes small under the influence of pressure spring. Discharging granularity is small accordingly.
The gasket device adjusts the discharging size by changing the thickness and quantities of gaskets. The gap between two rollers becomes large when the quantities of gaskets increase, and the gap becomes small when the quantities of gaskets reduce. Drive mechanism adopts two motors which drive triangle belt to drive the rollers to rotate in the opposite directions. When double roller crusher works, materials fall into the gap between rollers through feeding hole. They are compacted and crushed, and then are discharged.

To ensure the safety, drive part should be equipped with safety hood according to actual conditions.

1. Deironization is very important. If materials that can not be crushed (drill bit, for example) fall into gap between the two rollers, crushing machine may be destroyed. This can cause malfunction of machine. Therefore, iron removal device should be installed to the crushing machine.
2. Adhesive materials may easily block the crushing space. If that happens, you should first stop the machine and then poke the materials.
3. Users should be especially careful when there are many large-size materials, because large materials may be piled out from crushing space and hurt people or damage the equipment.
4. When the double roller crusher have worker for a long time, the roller surface will be abraded. This may result in excessively fine granularity. At that time, users should adjust the discharging hole or inspect the equipment.
5. You should inspect the double roller crusher regularly. Lubricating oil should be added to the double roller crusher on time, to ensure good lubrication state of the equipment.

Technical Parameters:

Model and specification Feeding size (mm) Discharging size (mm) Productivity (t/h) Motor power (kw) Weight (kg)
2PG-400×250 ≤25 2-8 5-10 11 1100
2PG-610×400 ≤40 1-20 13-40 30 3500
2PG-750×500 ≤40 2-20 20-55 37 12250
2PG-900×500 ≤40 3-40 60-125 44 14000
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