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Spiral Chute

Spiral Chute

Spiral Chute

This spiral chute is a combination of benefits of a spiral concentrator, a spiral chute, a table concentrator, and a centrifugal ore separator. It is an ideal tool for mining and mineral processing applications, especially on riversides, strands, beaches, and river ways. Our spiral chute comes with reasonable structure, simple installation, easy operation, high capacity, light weight, low noise, good rust, moisture and corrosion resistance. In addition, it is fully applicable to materials of different feeding granularity, density, and grades.

Spiral chute is suitable for fine materials of 0.3-0.02 mm granularities, such as iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyretic, zirconite, rutile, monazite, xenotime, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum ore, colombite ore as well as other nonferrous metal, rare metal and nonmetal minerals of different proportions.

Working Principle:
The sand pulp is first send to the two inlets of the spiral chute. After added water for appropriate pulp density, the pulp swirls down and generates a centrifugal force which separates the ores and sands. The ore concentrate flows into the hopper and is collected through a pipeline. The tailings are discharged by a sand pulp. Thus, the whole mineral process is finished.

Technical Parameter:

Model Outer diameter(mm) Inner diameter(mm) Screw pitch(mm) Span ratio Inclination angle (o) Number of thread Number of circle Feeding granularity (mm) Feeding concentration (%) Production capability (L/h-1) Floor area (m2) Height (m)
D12000 2000 2000 1200 0.6 9 2-4 3.5 0.04-4 20-40 15-45 5、7 6.8
D11500 1500 150 900 0.6 9 2-4 4 0.03-0.3 20-45 10-25 5、8 6.1
D11200 1200 1200 720 540 0.6 9 2-4 4-5 0.03-0.3 30-50 4-6 2 5.23
L1900 900 900 540 360 0.4 0.6 9 2-3 4-5 0.03-0.3 30-50 2-3 1,2 4
L1600 600 600 390 360 0.4 9 1-2 4-5 0.02-0.2 30-50 0.8-12 0.5 2.6
L1400 400 400 180 0.45 9 1-2 4-5 0.02-0.2 30-50 0.5-0.2 0.25 1.3
Hongji is a China spiral chute manufacturer that is involved in the research and manufacture of different mineral machinery that includes crushing machines, mineral processing equipment, cement production line, rolling mill equipment, fertilizer equipment, and more. With stable performance and simple operation, these machines are extensively used in metallurgical, chemical, mining, construction industries. You are welcome to contact us for more information!

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