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Dust Collector

Dust Collector

Dust Collector

Round Pressure Dust Collector
Our round pressure dust collector is supported by our abundant experience in this line and imported solenoid valves. It is of superior quality, demonstrated by its approval by the state environmental protection bureau and its growing demand in the market.

Our round pressure dust collector is widely used for dust collecting applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, building materials, metallurgical, mining and more industries. It can also be used for cleaning tail gas produced by pneumatic conveying of the materials.

1. This dust collecting machine is suitable for various gases and dusts and has features like high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, static proof, water and oil resistance. It adopts high quality filter media.
2. It is of round shell and helical intake. It can stand high pressure.
3. Its dust removing efficiency is as high as 99.9%. The self-cleaning system of this dust collector is further perfected by durable imported solenoid valve (3 million times of service life).
4. Round pressure dust collector is generally used with a temperature less than 120℃. Dust collector that is used with the highest temperature of 250℃ is also available. In addition, more customized dust collectors (carbon steel or stainless steel) are also available with us.

Technical Parameters of Round Pressure Dust Collector:

Model YMC-16 YMC-24 YMC-32 YMC-38 YMC-45 YMC-52 YMC-68 YMC-78
Filtering area (m2) 12 18 24 28 33 39 51 58
Number of filter bags (strip) 16 24 32 38 45 52 68 78
Working temperature (℃) Normal temperature is less than 120℃, high temperature is less than 230℃
Equipment resistance (Pa) 1200~1500
Dust collection efficiency (%) ≥99.5%
Filtering velocity (m/min) 1.5~3
Processing amount of wind (m3/h) 1000~2200 1600~3200 2100~4300 2500~5000 3000~6000 3500~7000 4600~9000 5200~10500
Injection pressure (MPa) 0.6
Gas consumption (m3/min) 0.05~0.12 0.07~0.15 0.1~0.2 0.11~0.22 0.14~0.27 0.18~0.36 0.21~0.44 0.25~1
Weight (≈kg) 800 860 1100 1290 1400 1600 1800 2000
Negative pressure (Pa) Generally less than 50000

Pulse Bag Dust Collector
As a dust collector manufacturer with sufficient experience in this line, we are able to offer you a series of dust collectors that are approved by the state environmental protection bureau. Supported with ASCO fittings, our DMC pulse bag dust collector is of internationally standard shape and size. It is optimized at the key de-dusting parts. Its CBK pulse controller further improves its overall performance. Awarded as "Henan Product of Excellence", it is widely used for dust collecting applications in both domestic and global market.

Pulse bag dust collector is widely applied for dust collection applications in mining industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and the production of flour, glass, metallurgy, mine, cement, building materials, etc.

1. Pulse bag dust collector features compact structure, large filtering area and small floor area. The blower, electric motor and muffler can be integrated in one upon request.
2. Its processing capacity is available from 2000-20000m3/h. It is available in 9 specifications and with an automatic dust discharger.
3. The dust collecting efficiency of pulse bag dust collector is as high as 99.5%. Imported ASCO solenoid valve and CBK controller could be adopted to perfect its self-cleaning system.
4. It could be made of carbon steel or stainless steel upon request. Dust collector is generally used with a temperature less than 120℃. Customized dust collector for usage at high temperatures (less 230℃) is also available.

Our pulse bag dust collector is made up of the top chest, middle chest, bottom chest, dust exhauster, and jet cleaning system. There is spray tube and air outlet at the top chest. The middle box consists of perforated plate, venturi tube, filter bag, keel, pulse valve and gas cleaning system. The bottom chest is comprised of ash bucket, air inlet, access door, ash exhauster (which is composed of rotary dust valve or spiral conveyer).The model DMCII24-36 and model DMCII48-120 respectively adopt rotary discharging valve and spiral conveyor to discharge the dust. In the dust cleaning system of pulse bag dust collector, solenoid valve is controlled by CBK-III impulse controller. Compressed air is adopted to blow filtering bag through spray tube and venturi tube from rear, so that the dusts is discharged.

Technical Parameters of Pulse Bag Dust Collector:

 Model Technical parameters DMCⅡ 24 DMCⅡ 36 DMCⅡ 48 DMCⅡ 60 DMCⅡ 72 DMCⅡ 84 DMCⅡ 96 DMCⅡ 108 DMCⅡ 120
Filtering area m2 18 27 36 45 54 63 72 81 90
Number of filtering bags Strip 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120
Specification of filtering bags mm φ123×2040
equipment resistance Pa 1200~1500
Dedusting efficiency % 99~99.5
Dust concentration of inlet g/m3 3~15
Filtering wind speed m/min 2~4
Spray pressure MPa ≥0.4
Consumption of compressed air m3/min 0.1~0.3 0.1~0.5 0.2~0.7 0.2~0.8 0.25~1 0.3~1.2 0.3~1.3 0.3~1.5 0.4~1.7
Processing wind amount m3/h 2160~4320 3240~6480 4320~8640 5400~10800 6480~12960 7560~15120 8640~17200 9720~19440 10800~21600
Number of solenoid valve Pcs 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Size mm 1730×1060
Weight Kg 865 1060 1334 1490 1590 1942 2184 2400 2594
Hongji is a China dust collector manufacturer and supplier. Our dust collector is supported with our sufficient experience and imported fittings like ASCO solenoid valve and CBK pulse controller. In addition to dust collector, we are also engaged in the manufacture of other mineral processing equipment, such as pendulum feeders, belt conveyors, ball mills, rotary driers, coal gasifiers, and more. You can count on these mineral processing machines, which are widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building, mining and more industries. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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