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Coal Gasifier

Coal Gasifier

Coal Gasifier

Single Stage Coal Gasifier
Our single stage coal gasifier uses air and vapor as the gasifying agents to produce mixed gas. It is suitable for gasifying coking coal, hard coke, etc. and is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemistry, glass, building materials, food, textile and light industries.

Our single stage coal gasifier features low investment, good applicability, convenient use, easy operation, etc. Compared with direct coal burning, coal gasifier can save 20% of the fuel. Compared with oil furnace, coal gasifier can save more than 60% of the energy. Our coal gasifier is environment-friendly with its heat efficiency and good dust and smoke removal effect.

Working Principle:
Solid coal can be gasified into inflammable gases through vapor media. This coal gas is then roughly de-dusted and conveyed through a conveying pipe to burn at a nozzle. The heat produced is used to heat the thermal furnace. With the gas as the burning material, the temperature is even on the furnace. Our single stage coal gasifier is widely used as steel rolling furnace, annealing furnace, forging furnace, steel pipe furnace, glass furnace, aluminum furnace, melting furnace, cooper furnace, pottery furnace, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Name Unit Specifications of coal gasifier
QM0.8 QM1.0 QM1.2 QM1.5 QM1.6 QM1.8 QM2.0 QM2.4 QM2.6 QM3.0
Diameter of furnace mm 800 1000 1200 1500 1600 1800 2000 2400 2600 3000
Effective area of furnace hearth m2 0.5 0.785 1.13 1.77 2.01 2.54 3.14 4.52 5.31 7.07
Applicable fuels Feebly cohesive soot, smoke-free carbon, coke
Granularity of fuel mm 25-80
Fuel consumption kg/h 40-100 70-140 120-190 160-350 350-460 500-600 500-720 700-1040 850-1200 1700-2000
Carburetor Air, vapor
Production of coal gas Nm3/h 140-350 245-490 420-670 560-1200 1200-1600 1500-2100 1750-2500 2500-3600 3000-4300 6000-7000
Heat value of coal gas Kj/N m3 5020-5670 5020-6000
Heating area of water jacket m2 4.02 5.02 6.78 10.37 11.06 12.44 17.58 21.87 23.69 30.16
Production of steam kg/h 60 80 130 200 220 260 350 420 600 840
Outlet temperature of coal gas 400-500 (related to coal type) 400-500 (related to coal type)
Outlet pressure of coal gas Pa <1000 <980-1470 <1470-1960
Outlet diameter of coal gas mm 219 325 325 426 426 529 630 720 820 1020
Air pressure Pa <3000 <4000
Temperature of saturated air 50-60 50-65
Rotate speed of gray plate r/h 0.177-1.77
Total weight of equipment T 3.5 4.5 5 7.5 10 20 23.4 29.8 32 37.6
Power Kw <6 <6 <6 <7 <8 <10 <14 <20 <20 <27
Diameter of air inlet mm 108 108 140 165 219 325 325 426 426 426

Double Stage Coal Gasifier
The working process of double stage coal gasifier consists of carbonization and gasification. During carbonization process, coal goes through intensive drying and low temperature carbonization, and gradually turns into semicoke. During the gasifying process, hot semicoke reacts with gasifying agent and turns into ash, which is discharged from ash bowl automatically.

In low temperature carbonization process, dry distillation gas is produced by evaporating water content. It is used as top gas of double stage coal gasifier and takes up 40% of the total gas amount. Dry distillation gas enjoys higher heat value (6700KJ/nm3) and low temperature (120°C), and contains large amount of tar, which is produced by low temperature carbonization. Tar is of good liquidity and can be gathered by electrostatic dust collector as chemical raw materials and fuels.

During gasifying process of the double stage coal gasifier, hot semicoke and gasifying agent conduct a series of chemical reactions including reduction and oxidation and produce gasified gas. This kind of gas is used as the bottom gas of double stage coal gasifier and takes up 60% of total gas amount. Its heat value is competitively lower (6400KJ/nm3); its temperature is higher (about 450°C). Due to its less proportion of ash, bottom gas can be processed through cyclone dust separator and wind cooler. Users can use cold purified gas without adopting elutriation method, thus avoiding producing large amount of phenol water.

Hongji is a China coal gasifier manufacturer. With advanced manufacturing techniques, we can provide impact crusher, circular vibrating screen, ball mill and rotary kiln to our customers. Due to their reliable quality and reasonable prices, our coal gasifiers are widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, building materials, hydraulic power and mining industries. Please contact us for your doubts or needs and we will reply to you in the shortest time. Thank you!

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