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Spiral Classifier

Spiral Classifier

Spiral Classifier

Spiral classifiers mainly include four types. They are high weir type single spiral classifier, high weir type double spiral classifier, immersed type single spiral classifier and immerse type double spiral classifier. A spiral classifier is composed of a transmission device, spirals, tanks, elevator mechanism, a bottom support (bearing bush) and a discharging valve.

This spiral classifier is widely used with a ball mill to classify mineral sands, or classify ore sand and fine silt in gravity mill. It is also applied to classifying granularities in mineral separation, or desliming and dewatering in ore washing.

Working Principle and Features:
Spiral classifier is a kind of classifying machine that classifies big and small mineral granules. It works according to the fact that different granules (with various sizes and weight) sink at different speeds in liquids. It can filter powders grinded from mill and rotate the coarse materials to the feeding hole of the mill and discharge filtered fine materials though the overflow pipe. The chassis of this spiral classifier is made of channel steel and the main machine is welded by armor plate. The water inlet and the shaft head come with cast iron sleeves, which are robust and abrasion resistant. Both manual-operated and automatic hoisting devices are available.

Technical Parameters:

Models and specifications Diameter of spiral(mm) Length of water tank(mm) Rotate speed of spiral(r/min) Production capacity(t/d) Motor power(kw) Weight (t)
Return sand Overflow Transmission Hoisting
FG7.5 750 5500 6-10 340-570 65 3.0 Manual 2.7
FG10 1000 6500 5.0-8.0 675-1080 110 5.5 Manual 4.43
FG12 1200 6500 5.0-8.0 1170-1870 155 5.5 1.5 8.7
FG15 1500 8400 4.0-6.0 1830-2740 235 7.5 2.2 12.5
FG20 2000 8400 4.0-6.0 3240-5400 400 11 2.8 20.5
FG24 2400 9210 3.6 4650-7450 580 15 3.0 25.6
FG30 3000 1250 3.2 11625 890 22 4.0 37.7
2FG12 1200 6500 5.0-8.0 2340-3740 310 5.5×2 1.5×2 14.0
2FG15 1500 8400 4-6.0 3660-5480 470 7.5×2 1.5×2 21.1
2FG20 2000 8400 3.0-5.5 7780-11880 800 11×2 2.8×2 36.5
2FG24 2400 9210 3.6 13600 1160 15×2 3×2 46.8
2FG30 3000 12500 2.0-3.2 14600-23400 1785 22×2 4×2 73.0
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