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Steel Rolling Mill

Steel Rolling Mill

Steel Rolling Mill

Our steel rolling mill can be used to produce a variety of structural sections, such as deformed steel bar, angle steel, square steel, flat bar, channel steel, and profiled bar, and so on.

Our steel rolling mill is a kind of completely continuous high speed wire rod mill. The overall technical solution of the automated and adjustable speed drive system is to take high performance industrial PC, PLC and full digital AC-DC drive control system as the core and make up an entire distributed network.

The whole automated system is composed of second-level control system, three layer communication network, full digital AC and DC drive speed governing controller.

Technical Parameters of Steel Rolling Mill:

Item Unit Technical parameters
FF300×4 FP250×6 FP250×2 FP220×2
Diameter of roll mm Φ280-Φ330 Φ230-Φ280 Φ230-Φ280 Φ200-Φ240
Working face length mm 700 500 500 350
Main motor Power KW 500 500 240 185
Rotate speed FPm 590 590 738 738
Distribution box Modulus mn 12 10 10 8
Center distance mm 1350 1250 1250 1200
Width of gear mm 615 500 450 400
Gear box Modulus mn 12 10 10 8
Center distance mm 310 260 260 220
Width of gear mm 604 550 450 500
Rotating way Universal coupling shaft Universal coupling shaft Universal coupling shaft Universal coupling shaft
Weight of machine series T 68.16 72.13 17.7 12.3
As a professional steel rolling mill manufacturer in China, we can provide not only steel rolling mills, but also impact crushers, pendulum feeders, coal gasifiers, cooling machines, disc granulators, etc. They are of high quality and low price, and are convenient to use.
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