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Cooling Machine

Cooling Machine

Cooling Machine

A cooling machine is regularly used for cooling fine chemical materials in building material production, metallurgic and chemical industries, cement production lines, and compound fertilizer production lines, and more. It is applicable for cooling materials like slag, limestone, coal powder, and clay, etc.

Working Principle:
As a kind of heat exchange equipment, a cooling machine utilized cool gas or cool water as medium, to cool hot materials. Meanwhile, cooling equipment is able to make full use of the exhaust heat, thus improving the thermal efficiency of a kiln.

Our cooling machine is regularly used in compound fertilizer production lines, to cool fertilizers with a certain temperature and granularity. If used in combination with a dryer, our cooling machine can largely increase cooling speed, reduce labor intensity, and improve finished-product quality. Meanwhile, it can further reduce materials' water content.
Additionally, our cooling machines are also applicable for cooling many other powder materials and particles.
If you are looking for a rotary drum cooling machine with compact structure, high cooling efficiency, reliable performance and high adaptability, contact with Hongji. As a professional cooling machine manufacturer in China, we are confident that we can satisfy your demands.

Technical Parameters:

Specifications Drum Production capability Flow direction Reducer Motor Weight
Inner diameters Length Dig angle Rotate speed Model Power
m mm mm ° r/min t/h - kw t
Φ1.2*10 1200 10000 2.5 5 -6 Counter flow JZQ400 7.5 10
Φ1.5*12 1500 12000 2.5 4.28 -8 JZQ500 15 19
Φ1.5*14 1500 14000 2.5 4.28 -8 JZQ500 15 21
Φ1.8*16 1800 16000 2.5 5 -12 JZQ600 18.5 24
Φ2.0*16 2000 16000 2.5 3.38 -16 JZQ650 22 40
Φ2.2*16 2200 16000 2.5 3.33 -18 JZQ650 22 48
Φ2.8*16 2800 16000 2.6 3.0 -35 ZSY355 75 68
Hongji is a China-based professional cooling machine manufacturer and supplier. All our cooling equipment feature simple operation, reliable performance and are offered at reasonal prices. In addition to cooling machines, we can also produce impact crushers, concentrator hot rolling mills, and rotary drum granulators, etc.
If you are interested in our mining machinery, metallurgy equipment and building material equipment, welcome to contact us! Thank you!

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