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Henan Hongji Mine Machinery Co., Ltd.
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At Hongji, we are committed to customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we have trained a staff of service personnel who meet our strict standards, and whose job it is to ensure that any issues are solved quickly and in a way that most please our clients.

Pre-sales Service
1. Customers come to our company to inquire about our products.
2. Customers ask for more specific information from our sales department agents by telephone, fax, or email.
3. After communicating with each other, our professional staff provides more detailed resources or a technical proposal for the customer's reference within the agreed-upon time.
4. We can arrange for customers to try out a product they are interested in, to make sure it is what they are looking for.
5. Technicians provide on-site service, such as investigation, mine-area-layout designs, or a modification plan, if necessary.

In-sale Services
1. Customers negotiate or sign a contract with distributors/agents, or come to our company directly to inspect, negotiate, and sign a contract.
2. According to the contract, we ensure that the purchased products are delivered on time. We also provide a layout plan and equipment foundation plan, to solve any technical problems.
3. After the equipment arrives, technicians are assigned to install, debug, and train the client's operation staff.
4. We provide a mining "rules and regulations" sample, to assist our customers in establishing a comprehensive mining managerial system.

After-sale Service
1. We make regular visits to check on the equipment to make sure it is running efficiently. We also introduce any new technology or developments of our products to the customer.
2. Throughout the warranty period, we will provide a solution to any problem within an hour, and service machinery on-site as necessary.
3. We promise a timely supply of any ordered accessories.
4. We offer life-time service of our products.
5. If there is any problem, customers are encouraged to contact us directly for immediate assistance.